CSW 58 Mother’s Legacy Maternal Mortality Panel

Our panel discussion held on Tuesday, March 11th was a big success.  We had a full house and a great Q&A session. 

Panelist Matt Stearmer discussed maternal mortality rates and the importance of honoring mothers who have died in childbirth with a mother’s monument.  Panelist Alicia Giralt discussed her research on maternal mortality in Guatemala including the causes and effects of the problem. Substitute panelists Rebecca Densley and Rachel Densley read a statement about implementing new technology in developing areas to help decrease maternal mortality. 

The event was moderated by our president, Afton Buetler.


(From L to R) Alicia Giralt, Matt Stearmer, Afton Buetler


(From L to R) Rachel Densley and Rebecca Densley


Full House!




A big thanks to everyone who worked to make our event great!



About motherslegacyproject

Working to improve lives in meaningful and relevant ways through humanitarian projects and the arts. We are a nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation, an NGO with United Nations ECOSOC Consultative Status. Offices are in Portland, Oregon USA and Geneva, Switzerland
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